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Spiritual Talk Live Show interview with Holisticsue

β€˜The Treasures Of The Tarot Workshop’ – April 22nd 2023, Ashtorre Rock, Saltash.

This one day workshop will help you to understand how the tarot work and how to use your own psychic awareness to understand the meaning and guidance they offer. The day will be facilitated by Mark Hartshorn and Sue Suddaby-Overton who both have a great deal of experience in understanding and working with both cards and psychic awareness.

WORKSHOP: Finding and Walking Your Life Path – Saltash, 4/2/2023

We each have a unique pathway to walk in our lives. Β Each of us is born with a particular set of talents, abilities, interests, passions and reasons for being on the planet. Β We can easily loose connection to these things though and when connection is lost, we can feel lost, cast adrift and unsure of what we are here on Earth to do and be.

WORKSHOP: Life Path Using Numerology, Saltash 4th February 2023

Are you looking to uncover your life path & gain insight into how to work towards it? I will be co-hosting yet another workshop full of ideas & inspiration.