Reiki Healing

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What Is Reiki Healing?

Sue has worked professionally using various healing modalities since 2008 and integrates a range of healing styles whilst giving the Japanese art of reiki healing to clients. Sue has witnessed how beneficial healing can be, helping to make the stresses and pressures of everyday life more manageable emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Sue channels reiki through her hands, using life force energy to heal the whole of the person. When our life force is strong, we can face life with enthusiasm, determination, strength and peace. However, when a person’s life force is low, a person can experience more illness, stress, and feel below par. Reiki is a special experience which is both gentle and relaxing, and works alongside all other interventions.

‘We find no reason to seek healing until our soul calls time for us to relinquish that which holds us back, and by heeding our soul’s promptings we give ourselves permission to transition from a cocoon through to spreading our wings into unlimited flight.’
(Sue Suddaby-Overton)


Reiki Healing

£55 per hour