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What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a great form of exercise for taking peaceful time out for yourself to build core strength and help prevent and recover from injury. Pilates helps relieve stress whilst increasing flexibility and mobility, strength, muscle tone and by realigning your posture, reducing stiffness and recovery from injury. Sue is a Pilates Teacher and Fitness Pilates Instructor / CIMSPA-registered exercise professional. All Sue’s classes are mixed ability, with each posture having a range of options available from beginners through to advanced – something for everyone.

‘Whether it is better to be strong in mind or better to be strong in body, we are better at managing life on all levels when we connect core strength and mental clarity as one – achievable through uniting the balance of deep breathing and taking charge of the body.’
(Sue Suddaby-Overton)

“Dear Sue, although I didn’t name you in my blog I was definitely referring to your pilates classes. I just wanted to say thank you for adapting how you worked during lockdown. Your pilates classes are great and they really kept me going. Even my pets joined in! Thank you for continuing to deliver virtually as well as back in the gym.”
-Jennifer Jenkins


All classes are held on Zoom or Plymouth gyms.
*Please contact Sue here
for details*

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sue for the last 8 years. I found her a very professional lady but at the same time very approachable and personable. She is a an excellent Yoga and Pilates teacher and is able to adjust your workout according to the individual needs and fitness levels. You will definitely reap the benefits of joining her in her sessions.”

-Donna Fiddler, Duty Manager