‘Sometimes life pushes us outside of our comfort zones because somewhere deep inside us, our soul recognises we are ready to embrace change'

-Sue Suddaby-Overton

Sue uses her intuition and shares it with sensitivity, understanding, clarity and healing during psychic readings, and facilitates a safe space for counselling sessions where clients can feel open to share their experience in a validating, empathic and confidential environment. Sue offers Reiki Healing for emotional and physical healing. Sue’s background in the fitness industry now focuses on Yoga and Pilates classes where all levels of ability are accommodated. Sue’s professionally recognised for delivering helpful supportive work in groups and one-to-one sessions in gyms, the community, at home and online.


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Hatha & Yin Yoga

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Reiki Healing

“Sue walked into my life a number of years ago when I was delivering a course. As soon as she walked in she brought the most beautiful aura with her, loving, kind, generous with a kind of ‘knowingness’….”

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