My name's Sue Suddaby-Overton and Iv'e been self employed as a Holistic Therapist and Fitness Instructor / Teacher since 2004. I practice as a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner, Helix Healing Practitioner, Reflexologist, Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, I'm currently training as a Clairvoyant Medium, Counsellor,  and writing a spiritual book. Iv'e taught a variety of fitness classes and offer various healing modalities. I take a mindful approach, taking into account the pressures of every day life. Through Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Helix Healing, and Reflexology, I integrate listening skills to assist as a qualified listener.

I use my tools of working life to help support people on their journey, based on my own varied experience of life and personal healing. I continue to self develop and train and have much passion in what I do. My healing and exercise sessions have a unique twist. I fuel my sessions using a deep sense of healing, perception, spiritual and intuitive understanding and compassion. Especially in yoga, I offer you your own development of personal awareness through your own mind by quietly observing your personal life's journey. Thus encouraging you to reflect privately on your own experience of life, and how it impacts on where you are today.


As a Karuna Master Teacher, Usui Master, Helix Healer, and Soul Retrieval Practitioner, I have been attuned and qualified to heal since 2008. Iv'e experienced personally and professionally how incorporating therapies into everyday life leads to greater peace both emotionally and physically, and the ability to better manage life's challenges.

Yoga and Pilates 

Through Yoga and Pilates, I specialise in teaching stretching, conditioning and core balance, combined with exploring ones personal journey within by the channelling of words I share with the group / one on one's. I verbally share philosophies and wisdom relating to posture. This empowers you to better discover your own deep inner principles, motivations and life thus far. This is done in the privacy of one's own mind. Both are very helpful towards a more manageable life, understanding ones own life, keeping mobile, lean, strong, better sleep patterns and remaining calm.


Reflexology is a very ancient art working on pressure points of the foot. These points refer like a map to the organs and placements with the body. When giving reflexology I can gain information as to where the imbalalnces lie in the system of the body, and help to start moving the blockage, be it emotional, physical or spiritual. sessions. Refelxology is a deeply satisfying treatment likened to a foot massage. 

I work in and around the Plymouth / Saltash area, of Devon and Cornwall.

It is my belief that by looking after oneself through nourishing and supporting our mind and body, we are then better able to meet the demands of everyday life. In this position,we are free to discover our true potentials and access are optimum health and happiness. We are responsible for our own wealth, heath and well being. From experience, I believe this practices help a person to grow and be all that they can be.All therapies are complimentary to orthodox medications and can be used alongside other forms of treatment.

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